Fecto Belarus Tractors Private Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on October 28,1981 as an unquoted Public Limited Company. A fully equipped Tractor Assembly Plant was established in Lahore in 1982 under the Technical Collaboration of V/O Traktorexport of former U.S.S.R and Minsk Tractor Works of Republic of Belarus.

FBTL Tractor Plant is located at 18th K.M Sheikhpura Road, Lahore. Plant total area is 35 Acres, with covered building & plant area in 10,000 Sq-meters. The Plant is equipped with all the necessary assembling sections like Tractor Assembly Line, Engine Assembly Conveyor, Engine Testing Unit, Paint Section, QC and QA laboratories, CKD and Parts Storage Section.

FBTL introduce and sell different Models of Russian Tractors in Pakistan. Tractor with 25H.P to 80 H.P were provide to buyers in Pakistan. The most popular among them was MTZ-50 (55H.P) which was introduce in C.B.U Form and was develop and assemble at Lahore Plant in 1985.FBTL has sold highest number of Belarus Tractor brands in Pakistan.